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Every summer our team takes some time away from the hustle to hang. This escape is fondly known as our annual team retreat. What started as a day in the Napa sun for much need R+R and work-unrelated team time, has since evolved into a 3 day off-site with a combo of strategy, team coaching, and a healthy dose of fun... READ MORE

Our passion for the home space is rooted in our belief that spaces contain power, perhaps most spectacularly, the power to create community. Whether that's the intimate, day-to-day community of the family who lives there, or the community created through hosting in the home... READ MORE

We spent the last two years popping up along the West and East coast and we're finally ready to settle down. After Christina moved out to New York, making Greenwich Village home, we began the hunt for second home...READ MORE

Winter is coming… and we’re flying south until summer. That’s right, we opened our doors in Palm Beach, Florida where we’ll be popping up through the end of May, 2018....Read more

The time has come to take our show to the big stage. We’re popping up in Manhattan through the end of January, 2018. We’ve been perusing these busy streets for the perfect spot for months and when we walked into this old carriage house space, we knew we’d found The … Read more

Rwanda will always have special place in our hearts. It was there that founder Christina Bryant lived and worked from 2007-2009. It was also there that she met artisans in her community who were working in traditional crafts that became the foundation for the St. Frank concept. While the Rwandan people … Read more

Let’s address the elephant in the room – our stuffed elephant, that is. These adorable characters come in Mama and Baby sizes (and we also offer goats, complete with chin hairs!) in perfectly squishy proportions and colored with … Read more

Just when you thought summer couldn’t get any better – we’re here to announce a partnership with one of our favorite brands, Lingua Franca. The NYC-based biz is making waves with their hand-embroidered cashmere sweaters featuring hip-hop lyrics and resistance phrases. We took our fan-favorite Read more

Counting sheep, melatonin, chamomile tea – we’ve tried everything to get a dreamy night’s sleep. Our number one strategy for bedtime bliss? A perfectly made bed to crawl into everyday. The St. Frank bed has a distinct allure, and we’re sharing our go-to tips for creating the cloud-like array of plush … Read more

There’s more to what meets the eye with our Emberá animal masks. Not only are these our favorite whimsical wall addition to playrooms and libraries, but they come with a story of traditional craft and bettering the lives of the artisans who make them. Deep in the Darien … Read more