Our First Tabletop Collection

Posted July 16, 2018 by Erin Curry

Our passion for the home space is rooted in our belief that spaces contain power, perhaps most spectacularly, the power to create community. Whether that's the intimate, day-to-day community of the family who lives there, or the community created through hosting in the home. Over the last year, we've been working to bring you our firsttabletop collection to expand the St. Frank aesthetic and values to these daily rituals and memorable events. 

For this launch collection, we collaborated with four different artisan groups across Mexico, each specializing in a unique heritage craft - red clay, black clay, handblown glass, and ironwood. The result is a line of hand-formed functional tablewares that are at once uniquely organic, elegant, and durable. 

Thered clay serving pieces are formed and polished by the group of women pictured above. They have been working in this craft for generations, and are dedicated to sustaining this unique skill for generations to come. The polishing stone proudly displayed by this craftswoman was passed down from her grandmother and has been the finishing touch to countless dishes created over decades. This unique clay can also be put on fire and used for cooking, beautifully blackening the red clay exterior with use. The heated clay creates an even cooking surface perfect for pizzas, casseroles, and more. 

Ironwood is a material that is uniquely dense with a deep, rich coffee color. It can only be found in the northwestern states of Mexico, and working with the material has deep roots in the Baja and Sonoran states. It takes great skill to form and carve; the end product being something that is extremely durable. Our artisan partners produce two ironwood pieces for this collection, including acheese board and smallsalt & pepper bowls. These are hand-cut and then meticulously filed down to create their primitive organic shape while maintaining a beautiful rustic texture, pictured above. (These make the perfect hostess gift!)

We hope you enjoy these heirloom pieces for years to come, working them into your home, and sharing with loved ones at your next gathering. As with everything in our collection, each piece supports quality jobs for artisans and preserves their traditional crafts. We hope the stories behind these pieces can be shared around your table as they're shared around ours.

These pieces pair perfect with our other made in Mexico products; shop the whole collectionhere. We cannot wait to see these styled in your home, so please share via#saintlytable

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