A Peek at Our Design Process

Posted September 16, 2015 by Christina Bryant

You may have heard that St. Frank has a new home on Sacramento Street! (Sorry – SO excited we can’t stop shouting it from the rooftops. Turns out a commercial lease is not as easy as Craigslist might lead you to believe and we were sweating it for this space. Startup life!) We enlisted the help of local design firm SWAYSTUDIO to transform these bones into true on-brand beauty. You know we’ll be layering rugs, hanging a gallery wall, and stocking our bar cart. But, here’s a look at three other design elements we’re including:

1. A Bit of Black. You’ve probably noticed that we’re a big fan of black (and metallic accents, see below!). There’s little that makes us feel more grownup dressed up than a space that incorporates this shade in a meaningul way. Keep it chic with black walls or other architectural details. We’re opting for a black ceiling. All other design choices pop on this pretty backdrop.

2. BIG Bookshelves. We can’t stop ourselves from snapping and sharing a good #shelfie. Can you? There will be plenty of opportunity chez St. Frank. These beauties create depth and intrigue; they also provide a pallet for an ever-changing display of our favorite finds. Curios, blankets, other in-store exclusives and even art (minis sitting pretty or larger pieces hung on the shelves’ front) are sure to be featured alongside books.

3. Bright Brass. Again, we’re suckers for a good glimpse of gold. We’re splurging on custom lighting in brass for a wowow factor on our dark ceilings. Plus, we love any ammo for a good pun – gettin’ brassy!

Peruse our inspiration images.

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