10 Ways to Refresh the Casa

Posted January 04, 2016 by Christina Bryant

Every year at this time we are itching for a bit of change. Our home feels tired after the holidays and we’re ready to welcome in spring. Here’s what we’re doing to freshen up for the new year:

  1. Cleaning out. There’s only one place to start our “new home” and that’s with laying a hand on everything that’s made it into our closet or kitchen and deciding if we really need to keep it. Feels so great post facto!
  2. Rearranging the floor plan. This takes some time and (ideally) an extra set of hands, but it’s a high-impact, low cost way to shake things up. Who knew flopping the living and dining areas would open up the whole space? We take risks here – things can always be put back.
  3. Repainting, refinishing, reupholstering. A fresh coat of paint in the bedroom or backsplash in the kitchen can change the tone. Tired of our dining chairs, refinish them; the headboard, reupholster. It’s like a new room/seat/bed without the move or major purchase. These 3 Rs can bring a whole new life to something that’s feeling a little too ordinary.
  4. Touching up the bookshelves & coffee table. These surfaces have major impact potential. We use them to show off, not to store. We’re mixing in art and art objects on the bookshelves and stacking books by color. The coffee table showcases pretty flowers, bowls, curios, even a pretty keepsake game perhaps?
  5. Livening it up with greenery. You might have noticed that we’re all about trees, cacti (cactuses? what the heck is the proper plural of cactus?!), and really any potted plants. [Though still waiting for a hunky green thumb to romance us (or just join our team) to keep the plants alive.] We’re improving our air quality, adding some literal life and a touch of green color to any room for an upgrade.
  6. Reconsidering lighting. Lighting is everything when it comes to showing off a space and setting the mood. Plus, whether a ceiling pendant or bedside lamp, the light itself is an opportunity to add visual delight and enhance the space.
  7. Investing in art. Obvi we do not underestimate the power of a fabulous piece of art. Wether choosing an oversized statement-making masterpiece or creating a gallery wall and adding some little gems, this is a worldly and wonderful way to showoff our personal story within our space.
  8. Mixing up the pillows. This is one of the easiest ways to change the color of a space. We like to rotate our pillows seasonally. Another way we mix it up is using pillows from the sofa on the bed (for example our indigo collection moves easily between the two) and snagging some new piece with extra punch for the living room.
  9. Adding something graphic. A pop of bold – wether color or design – will bring that much needed feeling of new to a room. We’re considering wallpaper and rugs with bold pattern for a graphic touch and transformational change.
  10. Treating ourselves to new sheets or towels. The final touch on our refresh is more sublet and just-for-us. We’re treating our skin to something extra luxurious, whether a new set of towels or sheets. Yum!

Happy at home in 2016!

We’re inspired by this grey backsplash. What a touch of paint can do! Note the playful turquoise door frames and exquisitely covered chair.

These chairs finished in green are parfaît!

Talk about decorating with bookshelves…

The coffee tabletop makes these rooms and enhances their color palettes.

Greenery takes these rooms over the top.

Pillows that transition from sofa to bed.

WOW to these lighting fixtures and walls.

Perfect pillows and pendants complete these dreamy bedrooms.

Let there be light! And art.

Art makes these spaces extraordinary.

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