Launching Catalog: Behind Our Sourcebook

Posted October 29, 2018 by Erin Curry

 In September, we dropped our first catalog (52 pages of St. Frank!) into over 100,000 homes. Wondering what was up with that? Here’s the scoop:


This was a full team effort. Strategy came first. Steph and Christina did some digging into catalog and, with the help of some seasoned experts, came up with a strategy of who to mail to - all our current customers (if we have your address) and folks who might like to learn more about the brand. Next, we came up with a storyboard. From there, Erin did the heavy lifting of laying out the pages and making sure we had the materials we needed. We had a photoshoot to fill in the gaps. Meanwhile, Nora got to work planning and buying to make sure we had product to fulfill. Finally, Tiy and the store teams were armed and ready to answer your questions and fulfill orders as soon as the book dropped.


<< Laying it all out: >>

<< Our Catalog Photoshoot: >>


The book landed in homes (or should have!) starting Sept 24, just after our LA store opening. This should have been your first look at a lot of new fall products, including our collaboration with Mignonne Gavigan along with new holiday decor and gifts.


Our catalog landed in homes around the country, to existing customers and folks who haven’t purchased from us yet. Wish we would have mailed to you? No worries, we will next time if you fill out this form. 


Inside this sourcebook you can find an intro to brand and collection, design inspiration and tips, travel guides, artisan stories, and more. Want to take a look. Here’s the digital version.


<< How to Gallery Wall: >>

<< Guide to Mexico City: >>


We hope this book offers a deeper look into our brand story and the St. Frank lifestyle. Like our stores, we designed the catalog to share the full St. Frank home - our values and vision, and the stories behind our pieces. We hope this can live in your home as a reference for you next trip, or a guide to styling your bar, or even just gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. We’d love to hear what you think of it and what you’d like to see more or less of in the next volume. Leave a note below!


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