Gifts for the Young-at-Heart

Posted December 11, 2018 by Erin Curry

With imaginations running wild, here’s what we’re gifting the young and the young at heart.

1. Playing Cards. Because we're playing [competitively] at all family get togethers.

2. Outlaw Sweater. Because of-the-moment fashion is even more statement-making on minis.

3. Temporary Tattoos. Because some of us are too young (or feel too old) to get a tattoo, but still wanna live a little. 

4. Cookies. Because sugar is our drug of choice.

5. Skeepskin. Because post-party, we’re observing “tummy time”.

6. Terracotta Kuba Cloth Teepee. Because you’re never too big for a fort.

7. Floor Pillows. Because they’ll take you through board gaming and movie watching.

8. Musical Set. Because you're THAT godparent. 

9. Alpaca Ornaments. Because they’re so dang cute. 

10. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. Because #goodvalues.


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