Gift Guide for Our Guy

Posted December 14, 2015 by Christina Bryant

This time of year we start to pace the floor and pick our brains in search for the perfect (or even just a decent!) gift for our guy. Is it just us or is it harder to shop for the men? Their boyish charm, their rugged pursuits, and (on occasion) their gentlemanly preferences – all wrapped up in an irresistible package – sigh! We’ve drummed up a list to play to their qualities we can’t live without (and, frankly, to massage their qualities we can’t live with). Here’s what we’re gifting these cuties this year:

  1. A made-in-Detroit Shinola watch because our guy cares about quality craftsmanship, American jobs, and stylish swagger.
  2. A super-soft and sexy-fitting classic white Pocket Tee because sometimes this hunk holds on to his favorite basics for a liiiiitle too long.
  3. This cozy, seasonal button down because we can’t resist a man in flannel at this time of year! 100% gift-that’s-really-for-us. #lumberjackfantasy, plus something we can get him to wear at mom’s over the holidays instead of a football jersey.
  4. [Another] pair of crazy socks because our guy basically collects weird socks. Is that a thing? We don’t totally get it, but can’t throw stones in a home with too many designer shoes and handbags.
  5. This world-class BBQ sauce because the dude loves to grill and everyone wins when he cooks (and cleans!).
  6. [Speaking of BBQ sauce, we’re gifting] this manly face wash because the guy claims he’s not into beauty products, but that translates to him using all of our La Mer which is just not OK. Especially if he truly is not into beauty products.
  7. A vintage Indian Textile Label because it’s the perfect art addition to his man cave.
  8. Our favorite Baby Alpaca Throw because he needs a travel blanket just as much as we do.
  9. A private charter with America’s Cup Champ because he’ll go nuts for a party of his friends (and yours!) to share this once-in-a-lifetime adventure sports experience.
  10. A fishing trip because he deserves to get away a little bit more (and if you’re anything like us, you want to join him).

Now we can focus on the mistletoe! XO

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