2016 Gift Guide for Our Littles

Posted December 07, 2016 by Nora Handsher

Our elves have put together a gift guide for the cutie patooties in our lives, from the smallest newborns, to the sassiest preteens. These finds are so cool, not even Santa knows about them.

  1. For the squishy infant: This cotton cashmere onesie, emblazoned with her first love, Mommy (of course!)
  2. For the waddling one year old: Our stuffed goat from Laos, complete with the playful hair on his chinny-chin-chin. This dude is made from 100% organic cotton and plant-based dyes.
  3. For the terribly cute two year old: This Patagonia down vest, because, well, mini-sized adult clothes make us sigh with delight.
  4. For the threenager: This adorable Stella McCartney guitar backpack, so they can rock out in between coloring and nap time.
  5. For the fashionable four year old: These Sabah leather slippers, handcrafted in Turkey by local artisans. They are perfect for all of life’s errands, from playground meetings to candy store negotiations.
  6. For the energetic five year old: This canvas tent is the perfect fort for imagining adventures, telling ghost stories, and hosting picnics. Plus, no couches or sheets will be sacrificed in the making of this magical environment.
  7. For the imaginative six year old: Our patterned notebooks serve as a blank canvas for drawings (by the future Picasso) and stories (by the future Shakespeare).
  8. For the sweet seven year old: Our mixed ornament set, the cutest mini versions of pieces from our collection, so he can add his own flair to the tree this year.
  9. For the adventurous eight year old: A monogramed long board will be her first sweet ride (to tide her over for 8 years until she can drive…yikes).
  10. For the precocious nine year old: Our catchall, great for storing that hard earned allowance, profits from the lucrative lemonade stand, and other treasured knickknacks.

Here’s to giving Rudolph a run for his money!

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